Building Materials Connection
Established in 1989, Building Materials Connection is dedicated to the development of supply networks for the sourcing of building materials from China.

Dedication to Quality
Attaining a consistent supply of products is the aspiration of all importers. At BMC, we share and understand your aspirations.
Our Principals
The principals of BMC have sourced products from both perspectives, one an Export Director for a Chinese factory, the other as a Director of a foreign company. This duality of prospective affords BMC hands on insight to the needs of our clients, and those of our suppliers.
Our Aim
Our aim is to provide a seamless service, from identification of products to shipment of your order. Saving you time, money and stress.

Trust but Verify
Spending time on the factory floor is the only true measure of production quality. We train each factory on the standards and expectations of our clients.
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